Pam Shriver Asked To Pay Up For Poor Taste In Men

George Lazenby and Pam Shiver Is it Pam Shriver’s fault that she is so rich that it makes her estranged husband feel bad, and that his kids don’t take him seriously?

Though it’s been almost a year now, Shriver’s divorce case from her estranged husband still hasn’t been resolved yet. According to documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, 70 year old George Lazenby is now challenging a prenup agreement he signed before marrying the 46 year old Shriver, and asking the judge to award him $16,133 a month in spousal support.

Lazenby claims is that Shriver is “30 times a millionaire” and he doesn’t want to explain to their three young children why their mother has such a larger pair house than their father.

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Andy Murray’s Dog Is Rockin’

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thleepy andy murray and puppy

Andy Murray recently got a little border terrier and it appears that the pocket pooch has revealed some “issues” since moving in with the Scot and his girlfriend Kim Sears.

Maggie’s already been having “bladder issues” all over Murray’s new £5M home. Another time she got stung by a wasp (no word on who was bigger).

Now the poor thing has started eating rocks.

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Cash4Gold Wants To Turn Wimbledon Trophies Into Cold Hard Cash

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The “As Seen On TV” gold meltdown factory Cash4Gold that solicits bags of your unused jewelry and coins in exchange for a bit of cold hard quick cash is looking to melt down some Wimbledon trophies.

The company, who had formerly hired the now-deceased Ed McMahon and MC Hammer to star in a spot for last year’s Super Bowl, put forth an invitation today hoping Roger Federer and Serena Williams were hard-up or tasteless enough to appear in the next Cash4Gold commercial.

Or at the very least, to get an appraisal of their Wimbledon trophies.

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Roddick vs Federer: Music By Rolex

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rolex federer

Great tennis players have to have great timing.

Rolex, the fine Swiss watchmaker, has an outstanding relationship with their tennis ambassadors. Two of them, Federer and Roddick, will play against each other on Sunday in the final of The Championships, Wimbledon.

What better way to celebrate than to offer up the much sought-after Rolex theme music?

People have been loving and looking for the theme for years.

I was one of them!

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McEnroe Midget Tennis Party Action Hits London

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yoda tennis

So, you’re in London during the Wimbledon finals and you find yourself with an empty glass and a free evening.

What’s a person to do?

As if the answer wasn’t obvious:

Get wasted and watch midgets play tennis.

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Grab Your Balls: Murray Mania Has A Tight Grip

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Andy Murray the UK's Incredible Hulk

Mania for Andy Murray has reached epic proportions in the UK. Not only did the BBC scored unbelievable ratings for his fourth round match last night, but people were already queuing up to snatch tickets to his next match before that one had finished on Centre Court.

Nearly 13 million people tuned into BBC1 last night, as the network cleared its usual prime-time line-up to air the almost four-hour fourth-round victory over Stan Wawrinka live under Centre Court’s closed roof.

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Reporters Should Maybe Sorta Stop Twitter-Stalking Tennis Players

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roddick's wimbledon tweets

The early-round tournament entertainment has really spilled offline. Andy Roddick, who took out Igor Kunitsyn in his second round match today, had to answer a slew of questions about Rick Astley.

Later, Roddick Tweeted (or in his case, Twatted) about how he feels like he’s now ‘answering more questions about Twitter than about tennis’.

That’s cuz they’re stalking you, homefry.

Like this dude points out, the media covering Wimbledon so completely lacks originality that they seem to have nothing else to talk the tennis players about.

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